Many vehicle owners would love to wash their own cars at home both as a way of saving some money and for therapeutic reasons. Frequent washing of your car helps to maintain its sleek finish if done in the right way. Failure to use the right method leads to damage of the car and paint; therefore, you have to do it just like the professionals do it. The first step would be parking the car out in the open where there is no direct sunlight and where you will have enough space to walk around it and clean everywhere.

Products to Use

Avoid using the same cleaning agents that you use for your household work as they are not friendly to the car paint. Use a car wash product available in stores. Mitts and sponges that are plush are the best compared to flat weave clothing like towels and dense sponges. You will also need about three buckets of water; one with the car-washing detergent, and two with plain water for rinsing. As for the sponges, it is also recommendable to use two different sponges so that the rinsing water does not have any trails of the detergent.

Proper Cleaning

First, ensure that the antenna is retracted and all the windows are closed so that water does not escape to the inside. Secondly, try and soften or loosen the dirt by hosing off the car using a soft jet so that you don’t damage the paint. Begin washing the tires and wheels first so that the dirt does not splash on the clean surfaces. When cleaning the car, make sure you start with one side of the car and work from the top downwards to avoid doing a counterproductive job. Once you are done with one side of the car, rinse it first before you move on.

Important Do’s And Dont’s


Always rinse the soapy sponge regularly as you wash so that it is clean at all times. This is the best way for you to prevent swirl marks caused by using a dirty sponge. When you are done, use a spray nozzle to rinse the bottom of your car at all angles. Use some fresh, clean towels to wipe the car after rinsing it with clean water. Do not attempt to dry the car yourself; let it dry up gradually out in the open. Wax and other polishing materials should be applied only after the car has dried up completely.

Info Source: The Review Search